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115. My top 5 fashionable TV series.

Hello everyone!

Today I've got something new and a little bit different than my previous posts. I love watching movies and TV series (honestly LOVE IT! ;)) and certain of them give me a lot of inspirations in my daily life.

5. Skins

Outfits are very colorful, bright and patterned. Skins combine different styles & clothes and just have fun with fashion. Each character create own style - very unique style :)

My favourites are: Cassie, Effy and Grace.

4. Gossip Girl

The gossip girl - the intrigue, drama and fashion! Serena and Blair outfits are truly amazing... and from famous fashion designers.

My favourites are: Serena and Blair ... and Chuck Bass.

3. 90210

I have a liking for 90210. The characters of this TV series wear great summer clothes.

My favourites are: Naomi and Annie.

2. Czas honoru (Days of honor)

Czas honoru is a Polish TV drama about World War II times. It's not just a history lesson but also style and fashion from 40's.

My favourites are: Celina and Lena.

1. Made in Chelsea

I watched this show because of fashion. Girl (and boys) from MiC wear designer clothes, great accessories and they always look gorgeous ;)

My favourites: Millie, Rosie and Lucy.

What do you think about my top 5? I'm very curious what are your types - write in a comment to let me know :)

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  1. Mine top 5:
    1. The Vampire Diaries
    2. The Originals
    3. Gossip Girl
    4. 90210
    5. Pretty little liars,
    but I have to be honest that I'm also in love with Skins and a few more serials :)